10 random facts you may not know about me

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I try to be honest and open with you lovely humans. But as everyone does, I’m sure I have some “secrets” (or facts) you don’t know about me. This post could be fun or disastrous. Either way it will be entertaining.

Facts you may not know about me

I can not skate.

I think skating much like swimming is something kids tend to learn growing up. Seeing as I’m 31 and just stated I can’t skate, you can assume I did not take to it.

When I was a kid I wanted to be President.

This was problematic for a couple reasons, mainly I’m not American, I’m Canadian. Lol, and no, I had no interest in being Prime minister.

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I relate to the extinct t-rex.

I never seem to be able to reach anything. Lol, it can cause some hilarious “problems”. I also had a very large head as a baby.

I am extremely sensitive to sounds and smells

I’m not sure if this is just a random thing, a mental health thing or a “I should have been born as a hound dog” thing.

I have a life goal of becoming a published author.

I love books! Reading them, writing them, looking at them. Haha, anything book related I’m in. *fun fact, I also have a book blog.*

When I was in grade 8 I wanted to join Cirque du Soleil.

Great goal right? Ya, not for me. I can do a somersault. Nothing else. I’m not flexible and I can’t do flips or even a cart wheel. So obviously this was never going to happen.

I was accepted into Bible College as a teen.

Yep, I was accepted into Province Bible College and Seminary. No I did not attend. It definitely would have been an interesting (not to mention expensive) experience though.

What other fun things am I hiding?

Besides my broken ankle I have only ever previously broken a pinky toe.

Same foot oddly. “Funny” story, I was living with my husband at the time (I was 21). We had a ugly pedestal sink in the bathroom. He had a full bottle of shaving cream by the sink. Anyways it fell off and landed on my toe. Just my right pinky toe…..

I have been to 9 out of the 10 provinces in Canada.

The only province I haven’t been to is Newfoundland. I would definitely like to go someday in the future.

I have never been anywhere “tropical”.

The furthest south I’ve been is North Dakota. Lol. Seeing as North Dakota and above that are most definitely not tropical you can see my issue.

Bonus facts

  • I have had 3 boyfriends previously (not including grade school “crushes”). My 3rd boyfriend became my husband in 2011. I was 23, he was 26.
  • I can’t whistle, roll my tongue or really snap. (My “snapping fingers” are extremely sad.) Lol
  • I am also a very vivid dreamer. I can recount a lot of my dreams from my preteens, or even as a child (I remember a dream I had when I was 4 in great detail).

what is a random fact about you? Let me know down in the comments below. While you’re in the comments let me know what you would like to see on this blog.

till next time,

Tanya xoxo

29 thoughts on “10 random facts you may not know about me”

  1. This is a cool little post! Loved getting to know you a bit more 🙂 And I’m impressed that you can somersault! I recently discovered that jumping in a trampoline with massive boobs is not in any way fun.
    In fact it hurt. A lot.

    A random fact about me : I once had my passport photos rejected on the basis that my “eyes are too close together”.

    I still don’t understand what the passport office thought I could do about that!

    1. Omg! Completely agree on the trampoline jumping. #ouch

      ……. Yep, you’ve rendered me speechless

  2. Now that you’ve hit most of the provinces, time to head up to the territories! I would love to see the northern lights, but not quite enough to have motivated me yet to trek up there.

  3. Very nice fun facts. My own is I have dimples, I love books any genre except motivational books. I find them saying the same thing over and over again which gets boring. I have not been to Canada before but I would love to be there

  4. This was a fun read! Made me smile. I used to love to skate but after my daughter pulled me down while holding my hand skating I hurt my back for life and gave it up. And wow I’m impressed that you can remember your dreams like that. I don’t remember any of mine EVER!! I also love all things books😊

    1. Thanks for reading Angie! Ya, kids tend to take the adults out with them. I’m sorry it caused such issues for you though.

      I remember far too much…. like full conversations I had 15 plus years ago. It can be a curse sometimes

  5. Haha I loved this post! I also feel your pain on the T-Rex issue, my fiancé is always teasing me on how short my arms are 😂 Joining cirque du soleil would be incredible, I’ve been to a few of their shows before and the things they can do is just insane, I’m very impressed that you can actually do a somersault though haha I can barely touch my toes 😂

    1. Haha, one of my lovely jerkfaced coworkers (he’s actually a good guy) like to put my stuff up where I can’t reach it. I’m a cleaner and I cant reach the top 3rd of the white boards so I always have to get him to do it. He then sometimes hangs my clothes from the top of the white boards. He thinks he’s so funny……. lol

      Definitely! The ways some of them can contort their bodies is incredible

  6. Loved this post!! I’m totally with you on the smell thing!!!! I walk round heaving some times 😂😂

    Hmm a random fact about me… I have had an operation for every year me and my husband have been together so far!! Hoping to put that to a stop this year haha x

    1. Oh, hahaha. Woman, you have to break that trend.

      Me too! I catch a whiff of something and its either ooooo, or gag. I’m always asking my husband “do you smell that?” Also “do you hear that?” But that’s mental health related lol

    1. That’s what I was hoping for Claire. I always find posts like this fun to read and it provides a break from more serious posts <3

  7. I am light and sound sensitive myself. Do you get migraines? Light and sound sensitivity make up part of the diagnostic criteria of migraine disease.

    1. Interesting, yes, I’ve had migraines since my preteens. I remember going to a specialist when I was 13 because I was getting them incredibly bad, all the time. They couldn’t find a reason for it of course. :/

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