Welcome to The Phat Girl Blog

Welcome to The Phat Girl Blog

Hello friends, and welcome to my new blog The Phat Girl Blog. I want to make this a place where all genders and orientations can come together and feel empowered

This blog will mostly be focusing on plus size (yes, fat) empowerment. Being a plus size woman myself I know how hard it can be. I know that recently (within the last couple of years) some stores started selling more fashionable clothes in bigger sizes.

I recently made a post on Twitter that just because I am fat, it doesn’t mean I want to wear an ugly tent. There is no reason that clothes in bigger sizes shouldn’t be fashionable. Like seriously, just because I’m fat that doesn’t mean I don’t want cute clothes that look nice, just like everyone else. I was vegan for 4 years, went to the gym 5 days a week and at my smallest I was 191 pounds. People come in all shapes and sizes and everyBODY is beautiful.