A day in the life, What do I eat?

Hello lovely people! I know it has been a hot minute since my first post (for that I apologize, I’ve been pretty sick).

I thought it could be interesting for some people to know what exactly I eat to “maintain” this phat physique of mine. Some of you may be intrigued to know that my weight is actually not due to gluttony or mainly eating the wrong foods.

That being said I do have a vice and it’s Dr. Pepper. Lol. I don’t drink alcohol, smoke or do drugs, you have to give me something 😉

So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Just what do I eat?

Personally I am a HUGE lover of berries. I eat a lot of raspberries and blackberries and a couple times a week blueberries. I buy strawberries (when on sale, your girl can not afford $8 for a pint of strawberries).

I love salad and lentils (although I am trying really hard to keep my food low sodium). I try to have salmon weekly and frequently indulge in roasted veggies. (Seriously, roasted veggies are SO good).

I do not eat dairy, but will from time to time enjoy some goat cheese. I’m not a milk person, but if I do have cereal I add unsweetened almond milk.

I like pasta but rarely eat it. One of my favorite snacks is air popped popcorn and hot chocolate (yes, I drink it out of a Pikachu mug). I love a good veggie burger with lettuce, tomato and goat cheese. And when the weather is nice my husband will BBQ (last night we had steak, roasted veggies and potatoes).

As you can see by the picture I also sometimes enjoy sour candy :-).

So, why am I phat you ask? I shall tell you. Mainly it is due to medication. I gained 80 (yes, you read that right) 80 pounds from medications I have taken and my body has apparently decided that it is good where it’s at.

So theres my dirty little secret to my weight. I know its not ideal but it’s my body.

Every body is different, one person’s ideal weight may not be your ideal weight. I am a plus size (yes, fat) woman, and that is okay. Loving your body is okay. It does so much for you, try to show it a little love in return



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  1. Ah, loved this post! (Berries are the best – definitely). Interesting to read about other people’s dietary habits. And definitely your body is your own, and as long as your like it and accept it, it’s all that matters!

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