Let’s talk about sex

Let’s talk about sex!

Oh yes my blog loving friends, you read that right. Todays blog is indeed about sex. What’s that you ask? Do fat people really have sex? Let me answer that in plain terms. “Yes, yes we do”.

It’s a known fact that’s lots of people, regardless of age, gender, race or weight enjoy getting some sexual pleasure. I know the thought of people with body fat having sex may be a turn off to a lot of people but it really does happen! For a lot of people sex is empowering. It gives people a safe place to act out their fantasies.
Lately I’ve been obsessed with the song S&M by Rihanna. It’s severely catchy and incredibly empowering. She covers S&M topics and fetishes that are known as “taboo” and not really spoken about in public. I love it.
People with body fat having sex may be louder and sweatier (speaking from experience) but it is just as enjoyable. Expressing your sexuality is not a bad thing. When I was a teen (at 122 pounds) I rocked a short plaid skirt and fishnet stockings. And before you ask, yes my boyfriend was very happy with it, lol.
People get a lot of shade for expressing their sexuality. Whether its with their clothing, makeup, sexual preferences. It’s a shame. Sex is something that is suppose to be enjoyable. As long as it is Consensual then anything goes.

So enjoy your fat, sweaty, loud, fetish sex. You deserve it!