Why are people still defining gender roles?

Hello my Phat friends! Welcome back (or for the first time) to my little space on the internet. Today’s post may offend some people so just putting a warning out there.  If you are head strong into gender roles than this post is definitely not for you.

OMG……. Can you hear that? Its my eyes rolling. I can not believe that in 2019 people are still defining gender roles. All that blue is boys and pink is for girls shit.  I can’t, I just can’t. I feel like my eyes are literally going to fall out of my head from all the rolling.

Not to say that girls cant enjoy pink and boys enjoy blue but there is an entire rainbow out there people.  As I previously stated it is 2019 and people should be well aware that people identify differently. Not everyone identifies as a boy or a girl and that is perfectly okay. I support your gender identity 100%.

So to explain, this sudden rage was brought on by a incredibly stupid Pinterest pin about little plaques made for baby showers that said something stupid such as “boys are noise and dirt” and “girls are glitter and some other stereotypical bullshit”.

Is that really how people want to raise their children? You’re pretty much just telling them who they are, no self discovery involved.

I honestly thought we had progressed further than that as a race, but obviously I was wrong. I find it incredibly sad that some people can be so shallow.

I thought we were passed the era of boys being doctors and girls being nurses but here we are.  In my place of work there is a woman who in her home they have “pink” and “blue” jobs. An example of a pink job would be doing the dishes, and a example of a blue job would be mowing the lawn.

Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently its the 1950s again where women belong in the kitchen.  *insert 100th eye roll*

What is something that leaves you dumbstruck? What gender stereotypes have you seen or heard about lately?

xx Tanya

2 Replies to “Why are people still defining gender roles?”

  1. The gender role thing, I think came about for many reasons…mostly societal. While I believe that the stereotypical roles do reflect a portion of the population, it is not the rule by any means.

    In this day and age it is tough for a man to live his life and not be the stereo typical male ( likes sports and cars) without feeling less than.

    And it’s tough for a woman who has whatever career she wants bit is often expected to tend to the “pink” jobs at home as well.

    With that said, there are still some things I want a man to do for me. Not because I cant do for myself, but because I appreciate it. Like holding a door open for me, taking out the trash. 🙂

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