8 ways to practice self love in a world that tells you you’re not enough

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As you may have guessed by the title  (see above) this post is about different ways you can practice self love and be productive in a world that is constantly telling people that they are not enough.

Just a heads up, some of these suggestions will be cliche, but honestly that is because they have been known to actually help me personally.

Here are 8 ways you can practice self love and in some cases be productive as well.



1.  Take a shower or bath.  (Yes, it’s cliche but being clean always helps me feel better)

2. Do a face mask. A detox or hydration mask are perfect for times like this. Plus, who doesn’t love healthy looking skin?

3. Read a book. Have a book you’ve been wanting to read a book thats just sitting on your shelf? Have you been eyeing a certain ebook online? (I’m looking at you Mind hunter). Then treat yourself and read that damn book!

4.  Enjoy a hot beverage. I don’t know about you guys but I find herbal tea so relaxing.  (Ask my husband, I have at least 20 different kinds of it in the cupboard).

5.  Clean out your inbox.  Cleaning out my emails makes me feel highly productive.

6. While you’re cleaning out your inbox why not respond to all those emails?  I know some people let their emails pile up so why not conquer that pile, and respond to those emails.

6. Cook something new. If you’re anything like my husband than your go to is chicken fingers and fries. Why not take this chance to try something out of your comfort zone? Seen a recipe online that you thought looked amazing? Than give it a try!

7.  Organize your closet.  I know how mornings can be, rush, rush, rush. Why not give yourself a hand and have some outfits already set up?. Live in a place that gets seasonal conditions? Than organize your closet accordingly. With Autumn around the corner it will be sweater time.

8.  Watch a movie or new show. Have you been eyeing that new movie on Netflix? Have a show you’ve been wanting to watch? Why not give it a go. You may actually enjoy it.


xx Tanya

6 thoughts on “8 ways to practice self love in a world that tells you you’re not enough”

  1. Great post. Self love is definitely needed. Sometimes it is so hard to find the time to do so. I love tea, it is totally relaxing but I have not done a facial cleanse in so long. Yes and cleaning and organizing your closet is good too. Great tips.

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