It’s okay to be “damaged”, no one is perfect

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say the word “damaged”?. Broken? Unloved? Useless?

I just finished posting a blog post and here I am starting another one. This never happens to me. I’m about to show my age but I just discovered Spotify today. Lol.

Yes, I know… the horror! Anyways I have music playing in the background on my phone as I write this. As the songs shuffle I’m brought back to different years and reminded how much I enjoy the band “Paramore”.

As the songs shuffle theres one word that keeps sticking out to me, “damaged”. So many people including myself refer to themselves as “damaged”.

Follow this link here to read about my mental health story. If you have looked at my mental health story then you would know why I refer to myself as “broken “.

Maybe this post is for me, I’d like to think it’s for whomever is reading it. Anyway I am here to say you are NOT broken!. Life is full of experiences, some good while others can be just down right shitty.

Either way, it’s your experiences that make you who you are. How you handle them and move forward says a lot about your character.

Ways others may consider me damaged

I’m not naive, I’m aware I have a lot of work to do with myself personally. I tend to people please, I get really bad anxiety, my mental health is all over the place.

I’m extremely sensitive to different textures, sounds and smells. The way some people pronounce certain words drives me up the wall (ie libeary).

I swear I have a point to this post. So why am I sharing some of my faults with you?. Well for one thing I’ve said from the beginning I would be honest with you. Second reason is to show that “damaged” does NOT mean useless or worthless.

Never be afraid to pick up the pieces and put them back together, this is how we learn and move forward. If we never took risks or made mistakes we would never have the chance to learn and move forward.

So what’s my point?

This is my point; You are not your past mistakes, or mental illness,. People change and they grow. You may be one thing and in a couple years be completely different.

Don’t be afraid to embrace what makes you different. Seriously a rainbow would be pointless if it was all one color.

okay, I’m done. Lol.

Till next time,

Tanya xoxo

52 thoughts on “It’s okay to be “damaged”, no one is perfect”

  1. Thanks for your words of encouragement. There have been countless times where I have thought of myself as damage, useless, or not good enough. Sometimes, I still may feel that way, but I am learning to not stray in the past and rediscover myself each day.

    1. That’s great Monique! It’s perfectly normal to have “flaws”. Everyone has different life experiences that mold you into the human you are now. No two people experience things exactly the same, so that makes you 100% unique <3

  2. Silly but I cried reading this, it’s so true and it’s something so many of us struggle with. We must love our imperfections but realise our imperfections aren’t who we are. Thank you for posting beaut 💛

    1. It’s not silly at all. I’m glad I could resonate with you. My goal with this blog is to connect with people, so thank you xoxo

  3. Not faults… just parts of yourself…
    Self acceptance is difficult. You have to face the good and the bad and somehow find the middle ground that you are comfortable with.

  4. Great words there!! The world would be pretty boring if we didnt take some risks. I feel where you’re coming from though. Sending love xx

  5. This an amazing post. You are very brave to share such vulnerability with the world. I can relate I’m a people pleaser too, and I constantly look for praise especially from the people that are least likely to give me it. I know I am such a weirdo!! LOve you girrl, welldone xx

  6. You always have such relatable (sp) posts. I have quite a few “sensory” issues, I have been through a lot. From physical abuse to medical issues. And there are days that I suffer from the “damage”, but then there are days I remember that my damages are my “battle scars” and I’m reminded that I made it through. Soon the “damage” days will fade away.

    Thanks for keeping up the encouragement regardless of what YOU are going through. I hope your words help you as much as they help us!!

    Have an awesome day!

    1. Thanks Bobbie, that’s very sweet of you. I go for honesty. That’s what I said when I started this blog and that’s what I will continue to do. <3

  7. Love your honesty here, so brave of you to open up about your “faults” like that. At the end of the day, though, our faults are often what make us unique. I’ve sure thought all my life I’m ‘damaged’ despite not having mental illnesses. My personality never fit in where I was born, or where I live now. I can be as cold as a cucumber in situations where it’s not “appropriate”, and jolly as a clown in other situations that aren’t supposedly anything to be jolly about. I’m faulty, but it makes me who I am and I love it. I hope you will also find a way to turn your “damaged” side into a strength 🙂

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

    1. Thanks Teresa, I completely agree with you. Our life experiences help mold us into who we are now, faults and all. I purposely put some of mine because I want people to know that its okay not to be perfect. It’s human, we are all human.

      We go through good experiences and not so great experiences. That’s life. Personally I want to be able to recognize my own and then use them appropriately. It’s a work in progress for me. Haha xoxo

    1. I’m really glad you found it at a time when it would really resonate with you. I hope you believe you are not worthless

  8. We are all flawed. We do the best we can. I know it faith and other coping skills will get me through crisis when they occur. We all have worth if we seek it out.

  9. Excellent post! I can relate to this so much. I am not my past mistakes but they are what’s ultimately shaped me into who I am. That doesn’t mean I stay in that place, holding on to them or the notion that I am broken because of them, instead I’m strong because I used them as a ledge to pull myself up with.

  10. I love this so much! I’ve always thought of myself as “damaged” or “broken,” but I know those are just words and I shouldn’t let them define me. But sometimes I let them, honestly. But you’re right. I’m not my past mistakes or my mental illness. I shouldn’t let them define me because I’m so much more than that!

    Thank you for this reminder and boost of positivity! I really needed it! 🙂

    Emily |

  11. I know I’m not the same person I was a decade ago, but my past experiences and choices have left a permanent mark on my mental and physical health, and that’ll never change.

    It’s a lot easier to be ok with being different now that I’m an adult, but when I was a kid, being different was a nightmare. Living in an all white town and going to an all white school when you’re not white, in the 80s, sucked hard, and I would have given anything to not be different, to be white like everyone else

    1. I can understand that. Being different when you’re young is never easy, especially when all you want to do is blend in.

  12. This was perfect timing for me to read this, as I’m looking back at last year and some of the mistakes I made along the way, I’ve been recreating who I am, and becoming more of someone I’m proud of while picking up the broken pieces.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Kelsea, I’m glad you found me at the perfect time. Funny how that can happen :-). We’ve all made mistakes in our lives, all you can do is keep moving forward.

  13. I love this. We are all damaged in some way and it makes us who we are. Thank you for your honesty and sharing.

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