Let’s celebrate the women in our lives

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With it being international women’s day this weekend I thought it only fitting I take the time to celebrate the woman in my life. I don’t have many women I am close to but I do have a couple.

I have chosen to mention some women who inspire me to keep going, work on my dreams and to become a better person.

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Women who inspire me

  1. My Oma. My Oma was a strong, resilient woman. She along side my Opa raised 6 boys and took in 36 foster children. My Oma was my rock when I didn’t really have a lot of support. She was never fearful of voicing her opinion, haha.
  2. Laurie (my step mom). When my step mom came into my life I was reaching my “extremely hard to handle” years. I most definitely was not an easy preteen/teenager. Now in my 30s I can examine past experiences and see just how much she really cared for me. She had two children of her own yet she welcomed my brother and I like her own. It took me longer than I’d like to admit to see how amazing she really is.
  3. Jenni from housewifehustle. Jenni has had her struggles with body image and eating disorders and has come out swinging. Everyday she works hard to inspire others to love their bodies.
  4. Nyxie from Nyxiesnook. Nyxie is a strong woman who inspires others with her pure honesty about the reality of recovering from a eating disorder and living with mental illness.

Final thoughts

I realize my list of inspiring women is short, but I wanted to showcase specific women who have made my life better.

Who are some fierce, fabulous females who inspire you? Let me know down in the comments below.

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27 thoughts on “Let’s celebrate the women in our lives”

    1. My Aunties and my Tutu(grandma in Hawaiian) were the most beautiful and strongest women I ever knew and love! Most of them have passed but the love remains so strongly! They all made me who I am

  1. Happy International Women’s Day! Thank you for this post and mentioning me. I’m inspired by you so much, so this was wonderful to read today! Thanks for being you!!!

    1. Thanks Lana! I didn’t want to use people I didn’t know. That’s why it’s such a short post. Haha

  2. Aww!! it was nice to read about the important women in your life and their inspiration on you. Your Oma is amazing. 36 foster kids???? Wow. This was a good read. I know I’m late but Happy International Women’s Day to you as well.

    1. Thanks Rhiannon. I really appreciate you saying that. She was a really good person. Extremely blunt. Haha. She passed away last May. <3

    2. I’m glad that your mam inspires you. It’s always great to have women who help make you a better person xoxo

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