Period(s), and my experiences with them

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Time to talk periods

Hello my Phat friends! Glad to have you back and if this is your first time visiting then welcome to my blog.  Today’s post is about something extremely natural that a lot of people find “icky” and refuse to talk about it. Today’s post is about “the elmo”, “your rag” , “your flow” “your period aka menstrual cycle”.  So for people who get disgusted easily this post is about uterus blood. Take that as you will.

Okay, so it’s no secret that heavier people tend to have heavier menstrual cycles. Let’s face it, you cant be this fabulous without having a curse every now and again.

This is just ridiculous!

I’d like to talk about how ridiculous  pad sizes have become. I honestly don’t know who they make these for. I have the cycle from Hell so naturally I bought heavy pads, they were tiny.

The average woman is a size 14, so if they are not making pads for the “average woman” just who are they making them for? Before someone points it out I also realize that not just women have periods, it also includes members of the trans community, non binary, gender fluid and those who do not gender identify.

When did my period start?

I started my period very young, I was 9. Yes, it sucked. I remember running to and from the house to the bathroom because I didn’t know why this was happening. It wasn’t scared and I wasn’t grossed out, just mostly confused.

It didn’t get brought up till a year later. That’s when I learned what it was…. ya, I hid that fucker for a year. Thinking about that now it seems pretty nuts.

I would get severe cramping and back pain. It was horrible.

I always loved the commercials they had for menstrual products. It would have some woman running through a feild a flowers because apparently that’s what people who are on their period do.

Or how they always wear white bottoms, whether it’s a skirt, pants or shorts.  I steer clear of white clothes on a regular day, I most definitely will NOT wear white bottoms while on my period.

Yes, this really happened

So to build on the above paragraphs I have always had a very heavy menstrual cycle. In grade 5 (on picture day I might add) I stupidly thought it would be a fantastic idea to wear all white.  Yes, I had my period, and to make things worse I never noticed.

Just to paint a picture here, white jeans, blood all over the ass, and obviously the front. At that time I did not willingly use public restrooms (unless it was a emergency), so naturally not having peed all day I never noticed that my white jeans were covered in blood.

It actually was not brought to my attention till after school. Yep…….. I went all day with blood soaked white jeans.

Naturally the jeans didn’t survive and were thrown out and I never made the mistake of wearing white jeans ever again!

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Till next time

Tanya  xoxo

20 thoughts on “Period(s), and my experiences with them”

  1. The one time I had a period incident was when I dressed up in a Sjow White costume for my bc at the time. When it was time tk get down to business he lifted the costume and there was blood all.over the slip and petticoat. Romance killed!

    1. Oh no…… Jennice I’m sorry that happened to you. I imagine it must have been an extremely uncomfortable moment. Honestly at times like that all you can do is laugh. Its something that could literally happen to anyone who gets a period.

  2. Yes! I get my period for 7 days with such a heavy flow, you would think I would die from lack of blood. I can’t imagine having to deal with my period from the age of 9. That is absolutely terrible, I am sorry that happened to you.

    1. Hey Daniele, thanks for reading :-). In my early twenties I would bleed for 14 days, stop for 7 and start all over again. It was exhausting! Its interesting how some people can bleed for days on end and be okay.

    1. I know some companies like kotex and always make different sizes, but even with the largest size, sometimes it’s not big enough…. :/

  3. I had no idea heavier people had heavier periods!! I’ve learnt something new today 🙂

    Ive always hated mine. I once had to use LOTS of toilet tissue in my underwear at school because I didn’t have any pads. I was so paranoid people would notice or it would fall out!

  4. I struggled so many years with my period and finally, it seems now it’s in a “normal” way.
    I know how hard it is for many girls during their period because I was the same.
    And I believe everybody should support more women during their period. People say it is nothing but it is really a huge thing. It drives us crazy, it makes us tired and it’s very uncomfortable sometimes.

  5. I had one incident when my flow was much heavier than normal (I found our stress can cause that) and had an accident on an hour-long road trip. I was with a close family member so she reassured me and I didn’t feel embarrassed.

    1. Hey Sandra, it always helps when people don’t make a big deal about it. It really is one of those things that could happen to anyone 🙂

  6. I once had an accident too but luckily my school uniform is a darker shade of brown so it went unnoticed but the embarrassment of having your clothes stained by menstruation blood is real.

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