New Year’s Resolutions? Nah!

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Well we’re quickly moving through the first month of a new year. You know what that means, everyone is making resolutions that they may or may not keep longer than a couple weeks.

You have the typical “weight lose” or “get fit” resolutions, “be a better person” or “stop smoking”. More and more you come across resolutions that focus on self care, which I think is fantastic.

So what are my new years resolutions?

This may shock and surprise you but I didn’t make any. Of course I want to be a better person (who doesn’t?). But that’s something I focus on every day of my life. Lose weight and get fit? Nah, obviously getting healthier would be great. But my body seems pretty comfortable where it’s at.

I don’t smoke or drink so I don’t need to quit those. Honestly I just want to focus on my mental health. To read about my mental health story click on the link.

My mental health is something I have struggled with for many years. I didn’t recieve help for it till 2016. Even in today’s world mental illness has such a stigma. In some cases it can influence employers, family and friends or even educational prospects.

I want to continue to work hard to end that stigma. I also want to work hard to represent body positivity with all different types of diversity. Not just the tall, hour glass shapes, or flat stomachs.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”

– Buddha

With that on point quote from Budda, I come to self love and self care. This was something I was extremely mindful of in 2019 and am trying to carry that through in 2020.

Even if it’s something as simple as having a herbal tea, taking 10 minutes to read some poetry or meditate. It all makes a difference. Putting work aside to watch a funny show or movie (I’m currently really into the sitcom Bob <3’s Abishola) or taking 20 minutes to go for a run or read a chapter in the book your currently reading.

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it is something you enjoy. You want to bring yourself happiness.

You can see some ideas for self love/care here.

let’s wrap this up

Well there you have it! A blurb of my “goals”. Which honestly aren’t goals, there just things I do (or try to do) everyday.

Did you make any resolutions? Decide to turn over a new leaf? I’d love to hear them! Leave me your thoughts down in the comments below.

Till next time my Phat friends

Tanya xoxo

20 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions? Nah!”

  1. I think you have a perfect goal. I don’t plan on making resolutions…just setting some goals and doing what I do 11 months out of the year when I fail at my “resolution”. haha

    Good luck with yours!!

  2. I love these “goals”! I think everyone should take it one day at a time, making sure they’re living their best life everyday. And I love that you’re going to help end the mental health stigma and be a body positive advocate! I’m trying to be more open about my mental health on my blog. It can be really hard to open up about my experiences, but I feel like the more I do, maybe my experiences can help someone else 🙂

    And I do have just one goal for 2020! No more BS! I’m a huge pushover, and I’m going to start standing up for myself! Which I guess is more a lifestyle/personality change, but I think it’ll really help me finally advocate for myself.

    Emily |

    1. Good for you Emily! I’m glad to hear that. I also tend to get “walked on” so sticking up for myself is something I am trying to work on. I’ve been a people pleaser for quite a while and that also needs to stop

    1. Hey Barbara :-). Of course like every one else there are things I want to change or accomplish but I don’t think it’s healthy to put all that pressure (at least for myself) on one year. Now you’ve made me think I should do a 5 or 10 year goal post. Lol.

  3. I have a couple of goals that I’m carrying over from 2019. Most of mine are health related whether it’s mental health or physical health. I’m making it my mission to not set a goal of ‘lose weight’ though because whenever I do, it negatively impacts my mental health as I put too much pressure on myself. I’ll just focus on self love and self care instead ♡

    1. Maybe it would be easier to set goals to “sweat more” and eat more colorful foods ie fruits and veggies. Then weight loss may be a bi product 😉

  4. I love the idea of self-love and it’s so true that if you love others why wouldn’t you love yourself. I hope your focus goes well for you this year. Your mental health is 100% worth investing in!

  5. I love this! I haven’t made any New Years resolutions this year either I always find that I am setting myself up to fail. I love what you are intending to do instead just make more time for you whether it’s to watch some TV, read or go for a run. I hope you manage to achieve all your goals in 2020.

  6. Love this hun, Im glad you’re continuing on your self love journey!! Im doing the same this year and learning to let go of negative shit in my life!! Xx

    1. I’m with ya on trying to let go of negative crap. Just be like a dog, kick some grass over that shit and move on 😉

  7. I’ve decided to work on myself, my health, and my mental health this year. I’ve been misdiagnosed for so long it feels weird to start feeling OK on the right meds, so I’m ready to change for the best sometime in 2020. Also, you’d be surprised how well a little 20 minute break can do. Good luck with your goals too!

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