10 Things no one tells you about becoming fat

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People tend not to talk about what happens when you gain body fat before its happens. Really, why would they?Ā  I know I personally wasn’t prepared for a lot of it. For me growing up being fat was frowned upon and really it still is.

To see more of my personal story on we weight gain check out this post on my experiences with fat shaming . *see fat shaming post here*

Today I thought I would go over 10 of the things that no one tells you about becoming fat, or gaining  weight.

So without further ado let’s get this list started.

what are people not saying about fat?

One of the first things I noticed when I had to start buying plus size clothing was how ugly it was! This was 2007 so yes, fashion has moved forward abit. But that being said a lot of plus size clothing is ill fitted (seriously, why do designers think we want to wear a tent?). Or it came in ugly colors. Beige…. just beige. Ya, no!. Or how long the shirts were.

I use the term “shirts” loosely because these seriously could have been dresses. I’m not sure why some clothing designers think that just because you have body fat, you want to hide your body. I don’t know about you guys but I prefer my clothing to actually fit me. Just like how you wouldn’t wear a LG if you were a SM.

I didn’t realize how much more plus size clothing cost. Even if you are only going up one size, once you hit the “plus size section” clothing always costs more.

Just a little pet peeve here, seeing cute clothes in regular sizes but not in plus size. This has always bugged me. I don’t understand why once you are bigger than a XL (LG in some cases) your clothing choices become minimal.

I wasn’t prepared for the looks I would get in restaurants for ordering something that was not a salad. You just know what the server is thinking if you choose to order dessert. “OMG, she’s eating dessert?”

To read about my experiences with fat shaming click here.

Or, the judgement from family members. I have been told quite a few times things such as “do you know how many calories are in that?”. Or random questions such as “how much soda do you drink a day” As I have my first one all week. Questions my trim sister would never get.

Another clothing related thing I noticed was how much it hurts to wear heels. (Weight distribution and all that jazz).

then there are these

Sweating, that’s fun. I tend to get low blood sugar quite a lot so I am basically always sweating to some degree. It’s gross. (I have hypoglycemia, NOT diabetes). I’ve had low blood sugar issues for quite a few years.

Periods. I have always had horrible cycles, but once I gained weight it became so much worse. Think Niagara Falls. (Sorry for the mental image there).

On the note of menstruation, feminine hygiene products. The bigger the product (be it pads or tampons) the less you get in a box and the more expensive it is.

For buying feminine hygiene products I highly suggest getting them from a bulk foods store (like Costco if you are in Canada). I know different countries have different bulk stores to shop at.

My only issue with getting products there is the lack of selection. A lot of the time they just tend to just have “regular” in size. Seriously, who are those made for? They are tiny!.

so now what?

Those are just 10 examples of what can happen with weight gain. I left out ones like ankle and knee pain. Which I have been experiencing a lot of lately.

What are some things that you noticed upon gaining weight? Let me know down in the comments below.

Till next time

Tanya xoxo

22 thoughts on “10 Things no one tells you about becoming fat”

  1. I am a large not that big by Western standards but living in SEAsia where shop staff have no boundaries say to me “too fat, arm too big no fit you” Talk about judging, I am used to it now and very rarely go into the smaller stores or markets preferring to visit H&M etc. Great post thankyou

    1. Hi Lyn, I’m sorry you have to go through judgement like that. People really can be very rude. In instances like that I just take my money elsewhere.

  2. Where I come from, gaining weight is a good thing. The moment you start losing weight, you get questions like “are you sick?” “What’s stressing you?”. In our family (and country) weight is a big deal and a sign things are going on well in life. I’m sorry this happens to you but I’m sure you now how to deal with them.

    1. Interesting turn around isnt it? In western culture having body fat is a horrible thing. I do know that some cultures find it desirable though šŸ™‚

    1. I know some pretty judgmental and mean people sadly. Honestly there are so many worse things a person could be than fat. Fashion has definitely come a long way! I know I always oggle the “Unique Vintage” website. Lol.

  3. My family is always quick to say how quickly I gained weight but fail to notice anything else. I dropped 15 pounds and you can clearly see it but the second my skinny jeans didn’t fit they noticed. I love your blog because it’s real and relatable! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks for your kind words Andrea. Sadly its pretty common for people to jump to the negative and ignore the positive. It happens with everything :/

  4. Great post, I think more people need to be talking about how much extra it can cost for bigger sizes. I never even considered prices of larger menstrual products either.

    Kenna, lifeoflilyblog.com

  5. Any and all medical concerns are framed in terms of weight. I have an autoimmune disease, and while seeing doctors in an effort to get diagnosed, several dismissed my (valid) concerns and told me to lose weight, rather than even bother to figure out the problem. When I found a doctor who took the time to listen, review bloodwork, and order imaging, they diagnosed me. Turns out Iā€™d have still had the problems I have no matter how much weight I lost.

  6. It’s like society punishes us for being larger than it thinks we should be! Couldn’t agree more that the bigger the size the uglier and less attractive the clothes become

    1. I know Emma, in today’s world (at least the western part) where the average woman is a size 14 it’s rather puzzling. I love how now they are all like “you can totally be curvy” as long as you are tall, have a flat stomach (that irritates me the most) and a hour glass shape. It makes me chuckle. Lol

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