Valentines Day tag (even though we never celebrate)

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Look at me getting in the Valentines day spirit. Haha. I saw this tag on mxrshmallowqueen’s page. I’ve never done a tag on this blog but I thought it may be fun.

I don’t know if anyone noticed but I’m not a “hardcore romantic” person. I’d much rather stay in then go out.

Valentines day tag questions

what is your favorite valentines day treat?

My favorite treat… I don’t have a favorite vday themed treat. I eat chocolate all year round and I don’t care for those little candy hearts with sayings on them. Or those spicy cinnamon hearts. No thanks! Lol

Love hearts or chocolate covered strawberries?

I’m not sure what a “love heart” is. I’m assuming its referring to those little chalky tasting hearts with words on them? Plus I’m definitely a fruit person so chocolate covered strawberries.

What is your favorite Valentines day memory?

I don’t really have many Valentine day memories.

which film would you rather watch on Valentines day. The Notebook or Titanic?

Definitely neither. I could make a separate post alone going over how the Notebook isn’t romantic love, but I won’t do that to you guys. Titanic is a hard pass for me. I saw it once when I was a kid and no, just no.

So I pick Zombieland, even though it wasn’t a actual choice. I love that movie.

Meal in or meal out on Valentines day?

I choose option C. Order in. My spark for cooking has dwindled the past couple of years and it’s not my husband’s thing. I don’t enjoy sitting in a crowded restaurant where people stare at you. (Causes really bad anxiety).

So ordering in is a great option for us.

What would you do on the perfect vday date?

I prefer to stay in but a cabin in the woods would be really nice too. I’m pretty easy going so some food, and a movie while we sit on the couch with our cat Duffey. (5 lessons Ive learned from my cat post) is just perfect.

Red or pink lips on vday?

I love a good red lip, just not on me. My skin has a lot of pink undertones so it’s not very flattering. So pink. “Pink, you think” to be exact from Mac cosmetics.

Homemade or store bought gifts?

Honestly I don’t need any gifts. I don’t want us to be spending money on things that aren’t nessaccary or are just going to die (ie flowers). I love flowers, they are beautiful but they are also expensive.

That being said my husband has bought me blue roses twice. They are definitely beautiful. I wish they would last forever.

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Hair up or hair down for Valentines day?

My hair does not have the option to go go into a updo. I have a very pixie cut, so it will also be down (unless I put it in a mohawk).

What woos me?

As you can see from my answers I’m not a “big romantic gesture” type of person. Here’s a couple things my husband does that I find romantic,

  1. Holds doors open for me
  2. Helps out strangers when able
  3. Brings me stuffed pikachu when I’m feeling sad
  4. Texts me through out the day to see how I’m doing
  5. Always says “I love you more”
  6. Vacuums
  7. Never tells me I look fat
  8. Encourages me to do self care
  9. Always calls Duffey (our cat) to bed at night
  10. Gets my pills ready in the morning
  11. Hides all medication if I’m feeling unsafe
  12. Makes me herbal tea
  13. Talks back to Duffey (our cat)

That’s basically some cliff notes of all the romantic things my husband’s does.

Let me know some of your answers to this tag, I’d love to see what everyone enjoys :-).

Till next time,

Tanya xoxo

10 thoughts on “Valentines Day tag (even though we never celebrate)”

  1. I love your tag! I don’t care for those chalky hearts or the cinnamon ones either. I did get some strawberries and chocolate for this weekend while I’m drinking wine alone.

    1. Good job Leslie! Now I really want chocolate covered strawberries. Haha, I’ll pass on the wine though. I’ve never enjoyed it.

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