Enough with all the fat phobia!

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Todays topic of discussion is fat phobia. If you take a look around it’s not hard to see that we still live in a world where having body fat is frowned upon. 

Hollywood hardly casts fat actors, and a lot of the time when they do they are the “comedic relief” ( insert Rebel Wilson here). 

Yes they have roles where actors have to gain weight to fit the character, but plus size actors are far and few between.

Let’s take for example the young adult book “Simon vs the homosapiens agenda” by Becki Albertalli. One of the main characters Leah is written to be plus size. When the book was adapted into the movie “Love, Simon” the actress who played Leah was not fat. She did not wear a fat suit or gain weight for the role.

I met Becki (the books author) at a book signing. She brought up that the actress did not have the right body type and just tended to wear a “big” sweater.  Yes, the actress played a great Leah, but she definitely wasn’t plus size.

I don’t know about you guys but I am tired of just having the fat character be the bad guy, or the comedic relief.

I want them to have a journey of self discovery. Dominate on the job scene. Have a killer sex life and even find love.

To read about my experiences with fat shaming click here. 😉

This phobia is irritating

Being fat should not just be okay for babies and cute animals. Plus size models are getting more notice lately such as Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday. Ashley is very beautiful but I find she still fits the cookie cutter image of hour glass shape. Aka big boobs, hips and small waist.

It seems like being a plus size model is perfectly okay as long as you fit that criteria.  I am tired of seeing “plus size” clothing modeled by people with flat stomachs.

Seriously, how many size 16 and up have flat stomachs?. Yes it is more likely with people who are tall but still.

Maybe I am living in a dream land. I have hope for the future and body inclusion but I hope its a world I live to see.

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Tanya xoxo

7 thoughts on “Enough with all the fat phobia!”

    1. I think a lot of people can relate to this. It is a extremely hard thing now a days to love yourself especially with basically everywhere you look people are telling you you’re not enough, that you will never be good enough.

      Its a radical thing to actually love yourself even when you’re not perfect.

  1. I agree – because it doesn’t matter how much I’ve weighed (even at my 118 pounds – when I was my skinniest and fittest) – I still said I had fat thighs!
    I look at those photos now – and wonder where did that girl go and how did she possibly think she had fat thighs?

    But we are all taught to abhor fat… on ourselves. On others.
    I wish we would change the discussion to healthy and energetic.
    Do you have enough energy for the lifestyle you want to have and to do the activities you would like to do?

    That should be the new measure!

    1. Hi Beth, I agree with you completely. Society seems to be focused on skinny, just skinny. I know I get judged a lot based on my weight, but my weight doesn’t stop me from doing anything. I’m just fat. That’s it

  2. There are so many preconceived ideas about what plus-size people are like or can do or how we live, etc. It gets rather tiresome that representation of us as complete, multifaceted, diverse and integral human beings seems to get overlooked or comes as a surprise.

    Thanks for sharing your perspective!

  3. Thank you for saying what I wanted to say for a long time. I finally got to the point where I am happy with my large self. Why are there not any romantic lead roles for us chonky folks?

    1. For movies there has been a couple, Queen Latifah did “last holiday” and a basketball ball movie (completely blanking on the name) and Monique did “Phat girls in 2004”. Plus Rebel Wilson in “isn’t it romantic”. But honestly those are the only I know of. I have noticed that the plus size people tend to be the “bad guys” in everything!

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